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Free Stara Zagora Tour is a free of charge walking tour revealing different periods of the history of Stara Zagora. At the moment our tour is taking place within the Antique Forum complex Augusta Traiana. This complex is located in the very center of modern Stara Zagora,  surrounded by the Palace of Justice, Opera house and the old Dramatic theatre, accommodating lots of massive remains of the ancient Roman city of Ulpia Augusta Traiana.

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Generally, our main purpose is to direct your attention to the significance of one of the main historical landmarks situated in Stara Zagora and the region – the Antique Forum Augusta Traiana. During our tours the visitors are introduced to the history of the first inhabitants in this region, the famous and mysterious Thracian tribes and their captivating culture, the magnificent and amazing Roman civilization within the ancient city of Ulpia Augusta Traiana.


During the walking tour you will learn more about:

  • the Thracian city-structure like settlement of Beroe;
  • Orpheus and Spartacus;
  • Thracian gladiators;
  • Urban planning and architecture of ancient Augusta Traiana;
  • the public toilets in the city;
  • the Forum;
  • public bath houses in Augusta Traiana;
  • Gladiatorial battles in ancient Augsta Traiana;
  • Town walls;
  • and more.

We will explain you:

  • Why the Tracian tribes settled down in this area;
  • What the first name of Stara Zagora given by the Tracians is;
  • interesting details regarding Thracian culture and society;
  • How Beroe became a part of the Roman empire;
  • entertaining facts and details about the Roman civilization;
  • the significance of Augusta Traiana in terms of Christianity;
  • and more.

During the tour you will have the chance to:

    • Taste an ancient Roman dessert;
    • See and touch the ancient prototype of the modern tablet;
    • Take a look at a Roman oil lamp;
    • Learn why some Ancient Roman tokens depict sexual acts.

Our free tour is appropriate for visitors of all ages, so children and older ones will also enjoy this informative, educational and interactive experience. We will do our best to introduce the history of the past inhabitants of Stara Zagora in Antiquity and present their lifestyle thousand years ago in an intriguing and interactive fashion.

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Our free tour is completely free. It is free of charge and a tour lasts approximately 40-50 minutes. The tour is factual and fun and perfect for families and student groups.

Our tour is available in Bulgarian, English, French and German.

A group of at least 10 visitors is required a tour to take place. For private tours there is no minimum number of visitors.

Tour guides: Gabriela Georgieva, Delyana Slavova, Vladislav Gunchev, Rositsa Dimitrova, Ruslana Bekyarova, Nikol Madzharova, Valeriya Vlarimirovna, Gabriela Miteva, Magdalena Petkova, Martin Angelov, Ivaylo Arnaudov, Stela Milkova, Silviya Petkova


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